[About overseas shipping / International Shipping]

2 methods are available for international shipping.

・ ePacket by JAPAN POST
・ Maximum weight 2 kg
・ Tracking is available in some areas. ・ Delivery by air. ・ Cost is lower than EMS
・ Delivery days is longer than EMS. ・ EMS by JAPAN POST
・ maximum weight 30 kg
・ Tracking is available in most areas. ・ Delivery by air. ・ Cost is lower than DHL, UPS or FedEx. ・ Delivery days is almost the same as DHL, UPS or FedEx in most areas.
* The details of those, please access below.
ePacket by JAPAN POST

* Due to covid-19, JAPAN POST do not deliver to some countries or regions. If you purchase from those areas, the shipping method and the cost will be informed you by E-mail after the checkout. Until the method is
* Please enter your name and shipping address in Roman characters.
* Your order may be subject to the customs duties and taxes of the destination country, as well as customs. clearance fees charged by the local postal service. The recipient is responsible for payment of all customs duties and other charges that arise after shipment. * More detail about your shopping, please go to " Shopping Guide "
* If there's anything you are unclear on, please do not hesitate and contact us here .