It's been 20 years.

There are quite a few repeater customers who can continue to use it until it breaks and then purchase it again. However, it is still a chick to become a standard. We look forward to your continued support of the 2413 Key Case.

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2413 Key Case

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It is a key case that does not damage the inside of the bag or suffer from rattling noise.
The simple structure makes it very easy to put in and take out, and 100% wool is crimped so it is durable and soft to the touch.
  • The

    body is made by crimping 100% wool , so it is durable and soft and comfortable finish. ..

    The key is in wool, so it will not hurt in your pocket or bag , and above all, it is the most important. You don't have to worry about the rattling noise .

    Both L size and S size have a simple structure, and the key is very easy to put in and take out .

    L size is with a normal key about 8 , S size is Approximately 4 can be stored. The S size also has a neck strap type that is popular with children.

    * Large items such as car keyless keys cannot be stored.

    * Since 100% wool is squeezed by hand, there may be some size error.

  • S size -How to Access and Store-

    S size -How to Access and Store-

    Pull down the bottom cord to expose the keys.

    Pull the lower cord to reveal the keys.

    Pull the cord on the top to enclose the keys.

    Pull up the upper cord to store it.

  • S size with Neck Strap -How to Access and Store-

    S size with Neck Strap -How to Access and Store-

    Hold the bottom cord and slide the case upward to expose the keys.

    Hold the lower cord and slide the case up to reveal the key.

    Slide the case downward to enclose the keys.

    Slide the main unit down to store it.

  • L size -How to Access-

    L size -How to Access-

    Hold the case and slide the stopper upward to release the keys.

    Hold the case, slide the stopper part upward, and release the key to unlock the key.

  • L size -How to Store-

    L size -How to Store-

    Hold the stopper and pull the knob upward to enclose the keys.

    You can store it by pulling up only the knob while holding the stopper part.

  • Main body

    Color: 12 colors in total

    Size: Wool part S- W50 x H80, L- W60 x H85mm

    ​​Weight: S-13g, L-21g

    Storage part: 100% wool

    Metal part: Aluminum

    Code: Acrylic

    Double Ring: Phosphor bronze chrome plated


    Size: S- W97 x H205 x D15, L - x H205 x D23mm

    Material: Recycled paper, PET