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4617 Clip Strap

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We designed 4 types of straps that can be used differently.
Ideal for smartphones, compact digital cameras, and various other light objects.
4617 Clip Strap is useful when you want to hang it on the edge of your bag or pocket. It may also be used to attach a cleaning bottle to your pet when walking your pet.
  • 1. Release the strap pin by depressing and rotating as indicated in the diagram.

    2. Affix the strap loop to the desired location.

  • 3. Re-insert the strap pin into the main body of the strap.

    4. Depress and rotate the strap pin until it straps securely into place.

    * The central aluminum part is not adhered to the main body, so be careful not to lose it when removing it.

  • Main unit

    Color: 12 colors in total

    Size: W12 .7 x H74.6 x D13.6mm

    Weight: 10g


    Plastic part: Polyacetal

    Metal part: Aluminum

    Spring: Stainless steel

    Code: Nylon


    Size: W55 x H205 x D15mm

    Material: PET, PP