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5720 Pocket-LS

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A pocket that can be attached to a bag or belt using 100% wool that has been crimped.
The inner size is 50mm wide, 130mm long and 10mm thick, so it can be used as glasses or RICOH THETA case .
* Due to the characteristics of the product, the size may differ slightly.
Thick wool gently protects the contents.
Two types of parts, a belt clip and a snap hook, are included. Since it can be easily replaced, can be used according to the purpose .
  • 5720 Each model of RICOH THETA suitable for Pocket-LS is as follows.

    (As of 2022.03, according to our research)




    * THETA Z1 is unconfirmed.

    * THETA is a registered trademark of Ricoh Corporation.

    You can also use the strap attachment on sale from Ricoh Co., Ltd. in combination with the 1625 Adjustable Strap , which is almost the same color as Pocket-LS. I can do it.

  • Main body

    Color : Solid Color All 6 colors

    Size : W60 x H195 (including clip) x D15mm

    inside size : W50 x H130 x D10mm

    Weight : Approximately 20g


    Case : 100% wool

    Tape : Nylon

    Plastic : Polyacetal


    Size : W100 x H215 x D15mm

    Material : Paper (Partially recycled paper), PET


    Sizes may vary slightly.

    Also, it may become larger over time.

  • Washing method / Caution

    Due to the characteristics of the material, there is a possibility of deformation, color transfer, and fading. Please lay it flat in the shade. Also, when washing, please follow the washing method of 100% wool and wash your hands with lukewarm water using a special neutral detergent.

    When it dries, it will not shrink any more by putting a mold in it. You can also stretch the size slightly by putting a large mold.

    * Please note that if you use water, ordinary detergent or soap, or wash with rubbing, felting will progress and become smaller.