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5803 Line Holder / Fly Fishing

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Most of the fishing line is made of nylon or tetron, so if the line remains in the water or in the ground, it will not decompose and cause environmental pollution and damage to animals frequently. The line holder is a tool for surely bringing back fishing lines such as cut unnecessary tippets and leaders for nature maintenance.
Insert the tip of the tippet, etc. that is no longer needed into the rubber ring and stop it. Wrap a long leader around and insert the end into the rubber ring again.
  • Main body

    Color : All 1 color

    Size : W54 x H50 x D10mm

    Weight : 14.5g


    Metal part : Aluminum alloy, alumite coloring finish

    Rubber ring part : NBR -Ring


    Size : W68 x H110 x D10mm

    Material : Paper, OPP film