0510 Tag Light

0510 Tag Light

The Tag Light is an extremely small flashlight utilizing a bright white light producing LED along with two coin type lithium cells. Bright for its size, one can easily find the way around darkness in all activity. Handy for camping and all types of outdoor / indoor activity . Easily attaches to just about anything including zippers on jackets, duffle bags, cellular phone straps, keys etc. Two way switch.

Squeeze for intermittent use or push the switch forward for continuous use. Tag Light will operate for 15 hours in continuous use. The LED in the Tag Light has a life of 100,000 hours. Lithium cells can provide operation in extreme temperatures of -20C to +60C. Batteries can be easily replaced without the use of tools.

Lit when the switch is pressed, and always lit when sliding forward.



Weight:4g (Include batteries and hook)

Battery replacement

Replacement Battery:Lithium coin cell CR1220 X 2

* Please do not open other than the battery cover.


Case / Switch:Polyester Plastic
Lamp Cover:Polycarbonate
Power Supply:
Two Lithium CR1220 Coin Cells
Lamp:White Light LED
Package Sleeve:
Recycled PET Plastic
(Including Batteries And Clip)
Price:JPY 1,400
Made in Japan

※ Color, specifications are subject to change without notice.