5719 Pocket Long L  5720 Pocket Long S

5719 Pocket Long L  5720 Pocket Long S

A long large and small size has been added to the lineup of pocket carry cases. As with other products in this range, the Pocket- LL and LS sizes are made from 100% wool. The Pocket-LL size can be used for such items as sunglasses, MP3 players and golf balls, while the Pocket-LS size is convenient for eye glasses, reading glasses, mobile phones and iPods. Depending on their size, these pocket carry cases can be used for MP3 players as well as earphones. The product range also comes in a total of six colors. Accessories include two types of fasteners including interchangeable belt clips and snap hooks.



5719 Pocket LL
Inside dimension:70mm × 155mm
5720 Pocket LS
Inside dimension:50mm × 130m

* Please note that there have a dimension error and difference of color because there are made 100% wool by hand.

How to Use


Case:Wool 100%
Plastic Part:Polyacetal
Package:Recycle paper
Color:LL,LS 6
5719 Poket LL - JPY 3,800
5720 Poket LS - JPY 3,200
Made in Japan

※ Color, specifications are subject to change without notice.

4717 Pocket-L

5719 Pocket LL

Color:6 Color
Price:JPY 3,800

4718 Pocket-S

5720 Pocket LS

Color:6 Color
Price:JPY 3,200