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4717 Pocket-L

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A pocket that can be attached to a bag or belt using 100% wool that has been crimped.
By separating the larger smartphones instead of putting them in the pockets of pants or jackets, makes it easier to carry around , makes it easier to put in and take out .
Thick wool gently protects your smartphone.
The inner size is 75mm in width, 150mm in length, and 10mm in thickness, so it is ideal for iPhone 14, 14 Pro. See below for the main models that are suitable.
* Due to the characteristics of the product, the size may differ slightly.
Two types of parts, a belt clip and a snap hook, are included. Since it can be easily replaced, can be used properly according to the application.
  • Any of the following models can be used even with a plastic or leather case with a thickness of about 1 mm attached. Cases such as full-scale silicone and rubber are not slippery and do not go well with wool.

    4717 Pocket-L fits the smart phones below.

    (with about 1mm thick plastic or leather case)

    iPhone 14

    iPhone 14 Pro

    iPhone 13

    iPhone 13 Pro

    Galaxy S22


    AQUOS wish

    AQUOS sense5G

    arrows We

    Models with or less may have a length of several mm.

    AQUOS sense6

    AQUOS sense6s

    Galaxy S21 5G

    XPERIA 10 Ⅲ

    XPERIA 10 Ⅳ

    Google Pixel 6a

    (As of 2022.09, according to our research)

    If you are using a larger model or a thicker case, please consider 5719 Pocket-LL .

    • We adopted a package that uses corrugated cardboard (waste paper) instead of plastic.

    • Main body

      Color: Solid Color 12 colors, Bicolor 10 colors

      Size: W85 x H223 (including clip) x D15mm

      Size inside

      : W75 x H150 (center 160) x D10mm

      Weight: Approximately 25g


      Case: 100% wool

      ​​Tape: Nylon

      Plastic: Polyacetal


      Size: W126 x H210 x D24mm

      Material: Paper (partially recycled paper)


      * Due to the characteristics of the product, the size may differ slightly.

      Also, it may become larger over time.

    • Washing method / Caution

      Due to the characteristics of the material, there is a possibility of deformation, color transfer, and fading. Please lay it flat in the shade. Also, when washing, please follow the washing method of 100% wool and wash your hands with lukewarm water using a special neutral detergent.

      When it dries, it will not shrink any more by putting a mold in it. You can also stretch the size slightly by putting a large mold.

      * Please note that if you use water, ordinary detergent or soap, or wash with rubbing, felting will progress and become smaller.